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Rome and the Vatican City

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Rome, the city of history, the city of art, the city of Christianity. Imagine yourself singing in this perfect scenario, with centuries of art and culture all around you. Imagine meeting other singers and music lovers from all over the world in a city that has been the cradle of civilization. Imagine combining the emotions of a musical performance with an all-round artistic experience. Can you think of a better place for a music festival? Well, we couldn’t. That is why we planned the International Music Choir Festival.


Dear Choirmasters, Choristers and Friends of choral music, it is with great joy that we invite you and your choir to the beautiful City of Rome for the X International Music Choir Festival which will be held from October 15th 18th, 2016. You will have the unique opportunity to sing in the most beautiful Roman Basilicas and Churches, and perform during the Holy Mass in St. Peter's Basilica or other Roman churches.  

You will also take part in the marvellous Choir parade and/or in open air concerts in the streets of the Eternal City.

We hope, dear choir conductors and singers, that you will take part in our festival and take this unique chance to meet other choirs from all over the world in the most beautiful possible setting.

Looking forward to meeting you in Rome and having a wonderful time together, we send you our best regards.

Hans Alber Grau Colino
Sen. Dr. Dr. h.c.
Hans-Albert Courtial
President and Founder of the Festival
Mons. Valentino Miserachs Grau
Rector of the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music

Mons. Pablo Colino
Emeritus Director of Music of St. Peter's Basilica in the Vatican


The IX International Choir Music Festival, which took place in July 2015, saw the presence of Italian and foreign choirs. On Friday evening the choirs performed in the beautiful church of San Lorenzo in Lucina for a large audience. Every choir sang the best songs from its repertoire producing an amazing concert. After the concert, the evening continued in a traditional roman restaurant where the singers enjoyed typical dishes and sang together in a fun and very relaxed atmosphere

On Saturday morning the choirs, wearing their traditional costumes, sang in an incredible setting, the Basilica di Santa Maria ad Martyres – Pantheon, one of Rome's most well known symbols. The choirs performed sacred music pieces in front of tourists and Romans who enjoyed the unexpected event very much. After the individual performances, they sang the common chant "Gaude Mater Polonia". The large number of choir members singing with one voice created a very emotional moment for all those present at this incredible event.

In the late afternoon, the choirs moved to Lanuvio, a town located in the Castelli Romani, at about 30 km from Rome. The local authorities welcomed the choirs, who had the chance to the visit the City's Museum. The Museum which is in Piazza della Maddalena has returned, since 2001, to its original setting, the XIX. Century Town Hall. This building was badly damaged during the Second World War and has recently been restored. Many choral music lovers witnessed the Festivals's second performance in Piazza Carlo Fontana. After the performance, the choirs were able to taste some typical dishes from the Colli Albani.

On Saturday afternoon and on Sunday the choirs sang during the Holy Masses in Saint Peter's Basilica and other churches in Rome.

On Sunday evening, the choirs performed in one of the most famous areas of Rome, the one between the Pantheon and Piazza Navona, in the baroque church of Sant'Eustachio



Amici del Canto, United Kingdom

Amici della Musica Choir, Romania

Appassionato Choir, Romania

Armonia di Preveza, Greece

Arsis Vocal Ensemble, Italy

Art et Terre Choir, France

Arte Vocal Choir, Spain

Camerata Vocal Iuvenes Vocem, Messico

Cantores Mundi, Italy

Chamber Choir Lauda, Russia

Charlie’s Gospel Angels, Italy

Choir of the Greek Ministry of Culture, Greece

Choir of the Universidad del Istmo, Guatemala

Choir of the Bialystok Medical University, Poland

Choir Santa Cecilia, Brazil

Chorus Elianico, Italy

Chorus Marignanensis, Italy

Colegio Neozelandés de Guatemala - Guatemala

Collegium Baccalarum Choir, Poland

Coral da Universidade de Brasìlia, Brazil

Coral Maysupì, Uruguay

Corale Polifonica di Anzio, Italy

Coro Padre Tomás Borba da AMIT, Portugal

Coro San Giovanni Battista, Italy

Daltrocanto Choir, Italy

Fons Chamber Choir, Czech Republic

Hommes du Pays Vannetais Choir, France

Ki Agush Choir, Guatemala

Leandros Sitaros Choir, Cyprus

Lublin University Academical Choir, Poland

Mixed Choir “Armoniko Ergastiri”, Greece

Orfeo La Lira Choir, Spain

PASYDY Choir, Cyprus

Patrasso Polifonic Choir, Greece

Plodviv Young Choir, Bulgaria

Poliot Children’s Choir, Russia

Potsdamer Vokalistinnen e. V, Germany

SOUND Mixed Choir, Romania

Tomàs Luis de Victoria Chamber Choir, Spain

Vokalissimo Chamber Choir, Austria


July 15th -18th 2016

FRIDAY, July 15th

- Afternoon: meeting with all the choir conductors. Welcome by the organizer of the Festival. Each conductor will make a short introduction of each choir. The staff will review the whole program of the Festival and will be at choir disposal for any kind of question.

- Evening: Inaugural Concert with all the choirs in the basilica of S. Ignazio. With its classical baroque style it is probably the most beautiful among all Roman basilicas. The most characterizing elements of the Basilica are the brightness, the acoustics and the invitation to devotion. When the sun shines, the lines, the arches, the columns and the cornices become a brilliant escape from classical schemes and transmit an harmonious movement; the vault, with its breathless beauty and richness of characters, colours, movements and games of light and shade which brighten the chiaroscuro of the nave, strengthens the magnificence of the whole.

- Night: all choirs will meet for a Welcome Dinner. Choirs will have the chance to meet and this will be the perfect occasion to stay together and to learn from each other’s experiences during an informal venue. The dinner will take place in a typical Roman restaurant: choirs will taste the world-wide known Italian food and in this contest will sing all together in a joyful and informal atmosphere.

SATURDAY, July 16th

- Morning: choir parade/open air concert in the enchanting streets of the Eternal City: choirs, wearing typical costumes of their countries, will sing in the open air in some suggestive spots of the historical centre of Rome crowded with Romans and tourists attending with enthusiasm the beautiful event. At the end of the performance, choirs will sing the common chant “Gaude Mater Polonia”.

- Afternoon/Evening: a first group of choirs will perform in the charming villages of the Roman countryside. Choirs will visit and sing in the towns of Frascati, Castelgandolfo, etc. located in the Alban Hills (Castelli Romani). The Alban Hills where in the past Roman noble families and Popes had their castles. This is why the region is called Castelli Romani (Roman Castles). On the way to the concert place you will enjoy picturesque villages and small towns, partly built in ancient times, a various landscape, beautiful views and a most refreshing air.

SUNDAY, July 17th 

- Possibility to participate in the Holy Mass at St. Peter's Basilica the living hearth of Catholic Cristianity with its unique façade (45 meters high) and its enormous dome (136 meters). St. Peter’s Basilica, the largest church in the world, overlooks the square that carries the same name that was designed by Bernini and which is surrounded by a colonnade. Magnificence and majesty: this is the sensation that one gets walking up Via della Conciliazione towards Piazza San Pietro. As an alternative choirs can sing during the Mass in other beautiful and well-known Roman Basilicas and churches.

- Aftenoon/Evening: a second group of choirs will sing in the charming villages of the Roman countryside. Choirs will visit and sing in one the towns of Marino, Nemi, Lanuvio, etc. located in the Alban Hills (Castelli Romani). The Alban hills are a beautiful place situated 25 Km in the hills southeast of Rome. Nearby there are the two little lakes of Albano and Nemi. On the way to the concert place you will enjoy picturesque villages and small towns, partly built in ancient times, a various landscape, beautiful views and a most refreshing air.

MONDAY, July 18th

- morning departure or possibility to extend your stay in Italy visiting Florence, Assisi, Venice etc. where we can organize for you other wonderful concerts.

The organizer reserves the right to make any changes required for technical reasons.



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