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The Basilica of S. Ignazio with its classical baroque style is maybe the most beautiful among all Roman churches. Its architect was the Jesuit mathematician Orazio Grassi, friend, and for some scientific theories, antagonist of Galileo Galilei, its decorator was the Jesuit brother Andrea Pozzo, famous for his three-dimensional perspective and play of light and colours. The best example of his work in the Church is the large canvas in prospective of the cupola: classic example of the XVII century’s ability of illusion.

The most characterizing elements of the S. Ignazio Church are the brightness, the acoustics, and the invitation to devotion. When the sun shines, the lines, the arches, the columns, and the cornices become a brilliant escape from classical schemes and transmit an harmonious movement; the vault, with its breathless beauty and richness of characters, colours, movements, games of light and shade which brighten the chiaroscuro of the nave, strengthens the magnificence of the whole.

The acoustics are really exceptional. Only the participation in a sung Mass, a concert, or a paraliturgy, is enough to realize this immediately and enjoy something extraordinary. When the romantic organ is playing, you get the impression of hearing heavenly music.

All this lends oneself to devotion, and this is the third peculiarity of the S. Ignazio Basilica. You can collect your thoughts and be concentrated in prayer everywhere inside the church: In front of the urns of St. Luigi Gonzaga and Giovanni Berchmans grows the desire for inwardness, as the two young Jesuits expressed during their life, and to experience God's sweetness. The masterpieces of the Bernini's school give, last but not least, a touch of elevation and spiritual delight.

Organ in S. Ignazio Basilica

Cupola in S. Ignazio Basilica
S. Ignazio Cupola
Organ in S. Ignazio Basilica
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